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swimming pool pump customer guide

Swimming pool pump system choosing tips

Mounting a pool, do not forget that the flop in it like not only people. Here the perfect habitat for a variety of algae and microorganisms. Some insects also love aqueous medium. By the way, if the pool is outdoors, then hit him in the leaves and dust is inevitable.…
Pool pump repair

Pool pump repair: problems and troubleshooting

The pool is not only a bowl of water and a large number of different equipment. To provide safe bathing in the pool should be operating normally, filtration system, water heating system, disinfection system, recirculation, etc. An important part of pool equipment are the pumps. They are necessary to ensure…
Inground pool liner replacement DIY

How to replace your inground pool liner DIY

Inground pool liner are typically 20 mils (1 mil = 0.001 inch) thick. However, they are remarkably durable and built to last for 15 years. You know it's time to replace your liner, if you notice it looks worn and start leaking. You can call a pool installer to come…
how to change sand in pool filter 1

How to change sand in pool filter DIY

Small swimming pools - small filters, and sand there's not a ton, but ranging from 60 kg + liquid. To cope alone with such a weight is not easy. How to change pool filter sand First place, you need to drain the water from the filter, after closing the valves…
How to get rid of water bugs DIY

How to get rid of water bugs in your swimming pool DIY

What causes water bugs in pool Flies, dragonflies, beetles, mosquitoes flock to water. Some of them are natural in nature and living near water, and therefore settles in your pool without problems forever. It is in these moments those who had just built a pool, not long to rejoice, because…
DIY pool waterfall how to

How to build a pool waterfall DIY

The pool waterfall is designed to create not only serenity and a good mood, springs of water spurting from above will do a perfect hydro-massage of the neck and head. The most common above ground pool waterfalls are such as Cobra, Rondo, dovetail and cascade. They have a similar shape…
how to clean a green pool

How to clean a green pool water DIY

People, who have a pool, can deal with the fact that it blooms the water in the pool. It occurs at all, only a matter of time. There are many special tools that are designed specifically for disinfecting water, but no matter what, to cope with the problem of green…
Replacement diving board

How to maintain your pool diving board DIY

Diving boards are good for about 10 years, after that it will need restoration and will need to be protected from the elements. Diving boards are not cheap and that means that you are going to want to ensure that you are checking it and preserving it as long as…
Pool diving board

Let’s choose the best diving board for your swimming pool

There are number of equipment that will enhance the swimming pool experience. Ladders, rail bars and diving boards are some of the key equipment. If you are intending to add more value to your pool, a diving board would be an ideal choice. There are certain facts that have to…
Natural gas pool heater

Best gas pool heater for your swimming pool

If you are living in a cold area and there is a swimming pool in your garden, you won’t be able to resist the desire of swimming in it during the winter also. Yet you will not be able to bare the temperature. Desire is there but you can’t imply…