Best gas pool heater for your swimming pool

Ned Kampmann

If you are living in a cold area and there is a swimming pool in your garden, you won’t be able to resist the desire of swimming in it during the winter also. Yet you will not be able to bare the temperature. Desire is there but you can’t imply it into action due to the cold weather. The heaters used for swimming pools comes in handy during such situations. If your swimming pool is equipped with a heater you have the ability to heat up your swimming pool even in very low temperature situations. So no need to give extra money and travel to a hot water pool nearby. Just heat your pool and use it as a warm water pool.

There are several options to heat up your swimming pool during the winter. You can use a gas heating mechanism or else a natural air heating mechanism. However there are pros and cons in both situations. You can use from a variety of gas pool heaters for inground pools from the market. Choose the right size and capacity that matches the requirement of your swimming pool.

Gas pool heater for your swimming pool

How does gas pool heater work

The other mot common mechanism is the gas heaters. Under this mechanism gas is burnt out to produce heat. This can either be natural gas or propane. Copper tubes placed inside a combustion chamber allow water to run through them. High heat of the chamber heats the water that runs through the tubes and ultimately your pool water will be heated. This mechanism allows the user to do it in a lesser cost compared to the electric resistance heater. However air pollution is a major concern of this process.

Different Types of Heaters Available

As mentioned before there are number of choices for your pool heater. Electric resistance heaters, gas heaters and solar heaters are the most commonly seen heating mechanisms used for the pool heating process.

Electric pool heaters

First type is the electric resistance heaters. These type of heaters use electricity as their energy source and heat up the resistors within the system. Then water washes out over the resistors and get heated. This mechanism is ideal for small pools as it requires a large amount of electricity. However this system has some key advantages over many other options. Since this operates independent from the air supply and has no air pollution this is used by any small pool and spa owners to heat pool water.

Electric pool heater

Solar heaters

Other most common type available in the market is solar heaters. A similar mechanism is used in this process. Instead of natural gases, propane or gas, solar energy is the energy source used for this process. This is one of the cheapest mechanisms available in the market. If you are willing to sacrifice a large capital for the installation, this mechanism is likely to bring bulk returns during the operations. But it requires some more knowledge to operate the system which makes it a tougher choice for the customer.

Solar pool heater

Best gas pool heater to use

Choice depends on your requirement. However gas heaters remain the most commonly used in the modern day due to its easy use and easy installation process. Especially it is the best choice when it comes to cost managing options.

Make sure to choose the ideal pool heater for your pool. Otherwise you will regret your choice later.

Gas pool heaters for inground pools

For now, according to many user reviews, there are at least two manufacturers of the best gas pool heaters – Hayward and Zodiac.
Here is the our top three list:

  • Hayward H400FDN
    The best choice for now – very fuel-efficient, meets all ecological regulations, able to heat 800 gallon pool in 30 degrees for just an hour. It also features pump circulation – no need to waste your money on gas. It is even able to heat huge 60,000 gallon pools.
    There is only one disadvantage – it is not weather-proof, so be careful and provide the heater with proper place.
  • Hayward H100ID1
    One more heater from the same producer. It is designed specially for compact above ground pools. Due to induced air technology, it is maximally fuel efficient. It could also be used for spas. The only problem here – if you want a better performance, you should buy a higher performance heater – H100ID1 has very limited output.
  • Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400N
    Ultimate pool heater on the market – massive and powerful. It has excellent performance, durable headers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most advanced heaters on market. Why not a first place? Well, it is dimensions are beyond wishful in negative way. And after all, you need to hide it somewhere – thanks to design of huge grey plastic box.

Gas pool heater installation DIY

It is not difficult to perform gas pool heater installation by yourself, as it might seem at first. It is important not to forget to prepare all necessary piping first in order to avoid problems while installation. Here is the steps:

1) Locate the heater
It is recommended to place heater as close as possible to the filter. It is also important to keep in mind that pool heater needs a distance from another objects on top and on sides. That’s a safety measure. You may find recommended figures on heater’s user manual. Optimal distance from filter – between 2 and 5 feet.

2) Provide water supply from pool to heater
Connect filter with heater. Don’t forget to turn the filter off!

3) Made piping from heater to pool
Use PVC pipes and plumbing devices for piping. Be attentive to in/out connections in your heater.

4) Connect DC and gas supply
Firstly connect gas line to heater inlet (may require professionals), then connect the heater to 120V outlet. Don’t forget to install covering to protect wires and outlet from weather.

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