Clogged pool pump problems and solutions

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When your pool pump is clogged, there are several problems that can arise from the lack of circulation. Clogged piping can lead to premature pool pump failure and your water becoming unusable. Whether you own an in ground swimming pool or an above ground unit, you need to learn how to unclog your pool pump right away when you begin to see problems.

If you need to learn how to unclog pool pump there’s a few basic steps you can take to achieve this goal. This of course depends on what kind of swimming pool you own, and how your pool pump is setup. Although most clogging issues can be taken care of by any handyman or DIY’er, there can be several instances where a professional hand is required.

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Clogged pool pump problems

Clogged Pool Pump Problems

Some of the symptoms can range from noisy pump operation to backflowing pool pipes. Either way or water will become dirty and you will see an increase of debris. Some of the other issues around your clogged pool pump can lead to flooding issues or even worse. Many times your clogged pool pump can also cause noise and vibration as your pump struggles to operate.

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Pool pump is clogged

These problems can arise when large debris gets stuck in your piping. It can also happen if you own an above ground pool and your pool pump pipes get pinched or bound up.

Pool Pump clogged with Leaves

If your backyard has trees that overhang your swimming pool, leaves can be a leading cause of clogged pool pump pipes. Because these leaves are often large and obtrusive, they can be the catalysts to your pipes becoming clogged and a lack of water flow to your pump and filter. To prevent this from happening make sure to check your skimmer frequently to ensure that nothing large gets sucked up into the pipes.

Pool pump is clogged with leaves

How to Clean a Clogged Pool Pump

The first order of business when you want to clear your pool pump pipes, is to turn off your swimming pump first. Once your pump is turned off, disconnect the pipes to the ingress and outlet ports of your swimming pool pump. If you are using a main union, make sure to disconnect that first to clear any large debris that may be stuck inside of it.

Using compressed air to clear sections of your pipe can certainly help you, although in most cases you must use an agitator to break up the clog. Something like a plumbing snake can really help get this done and this tool can be rented at your local hardware store. Clogged pool pump pipes can cause a lack of water flow to your pool pump, until your pump fails from lack of water flow. If you find your swimming pool water experiencing excessive drainage and water flow issues, use these tips to help you unclog your swimming pool pump pipes immediately.

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Unclog pool pump

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