Fun swimming pool games for teens and kids

Ned Kampmann

Summer is a great time to get into your swimming pool and enjoy some of the more popular swimming pool games for children. With just a bit of imagination you can turn even the most common household object into the centerpiece of a fun and active swimming pool game.

Swimming pool games can vary from the typical seek and find, to challenging your swimming ability or even seeing how long you can hold your breath underwater. When you’ve got kids in the pool from all age ranges, it can often be difficult to find an activity that everyone can play and enjoy. This issue can become compounded when you have small children or toddlers, who cannot swim or must be monitored.

So when your kids want to get out and take a dip, use any of these swimming pool games to turn up the excitement, especially if you have a large pool in your backyard. Don’t forget that you can also use your imagination to change up or mix any feature of these swimming pool games, which can turn into a fun activity all on its own.

Fun pool games for kids

Marco Polo

The tried and true classic swimming pool game of maybe all time, and great fun regardless of whether you have an above ground pool or not. One person plays the seeker, and must close their eyes before beginning to hunt for the others.

swimming pool games for kids

Calling out “Marco,” the seeker or whoever is “it” must locate his or her targets when they answer “Polo.” Best played in large groups and with the use of a blind, this swimming pool game is great for all ages.

Heads Up!

Have the children in your swimming pool gather in the middle, and then throw a beach ball into the middle to see who can grab it first. Discourage pushing and try to keep your throws in front of the children, so that they don’t fall backwards into the pool.

Look out Below!

Underwater races are some of the best ways to combine swimming ability with your breath holding skills. Set a starting point and race to see who can go the furthest while holding their breath underwater.

If your swimming pool is smaller or you have an above ground swimming pool, try swimming in circles instead of across the water surface.

Swimming pool games for teens

Air Mattress Balancing Act

Take a large air mattress and fill it up only halfway to play this fun game of balance. Now try to have as many kids or children stand on the mattress before falling over. Discourage pushing and rough play for a fun and unique way to try your luck at balancing on a deflated mattress.

Never play this game nearby the sides of your swimming pool, and never play this game in an above ground pool. Failure to follow this guideline may result in serious injury if a child falls and hits their head on the floor or edge of the pool.

Belly Flop Olympics

Great for swimming pool parties and especially when you’ve got a lot of young men attending, the Belly Flop Olympics is a rite of passage. Organize a team of officials or judges, and then have the participants try their best belly flop into the swimming pool.

swimming pool games for teenagers

You can have several categories from which to grade these ungraceful swan dives into your pool, here’s just a few to start with:

· Belly flop air time
· Best flop form
· Most painful belly flop

Swimming pool games for adults

Deep diving sticks

Hold a competition to see how many dive sticks one adult can retrieve on a single submersion. This can be a dive or simply swimming underwater, but the adult that shows the most lung power is usually the winner!

swimming pool games for adults

Swimming pool gladiators

Using two air mattresses, you can pit players against themselves in a game of knock your opponent into the water. Swimming pool noodles are a good way to play this game. Have each player stand on their air mattress, and give them the noodles to “push” their opponent into the water.

Discourage striking or hitting each other with the noodles, and emphasize on pushing the other person into the drink. Make sure that you keep both air mattresses in the middle of the swimming pool to prevent injury, and never play this sort of game in an above ground swimming pool.

Swimming pool party games

Group Cannonball

Perfect for breaking the ice this game encourages everyone to get silly and try to make the biggest cannonball splash possible. Much like belly flop Olympics, you can also assign your own table of judges.

swimming pool party games

Water Sports

There are many sports that translate well to the swimming pool, although some may require some hardware. Try to keep these sports friendly and not too competitive and always make sure to get everyone at the part involved.

When you are ready to plan a swimming pool or have children over to enjoy a hot summer day, try any of these games or a combination of them for maximum fun and safety. Don’t forget that none of these games are written in stone! Try your luck and see how you can put your own personal twist on any of these swimming pool games and the way they are played.

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