How to install above ground pool DIY

Ned Kampmann

You can save a lot of money by installing your above ground swimming pool yourself. It is more than possible to avoid that annoying expensive contractor and do everything with your friends or even alone. This article shows you how to install different types of above ground pool and provides a DIY guide.

Above ground swimming pool installation step by step

What follows is a DIY guide on how to install an above ground pool.

1. Choose the pool type

It`s crucial to choose the type of pool in advance, as different pool types require different installation methods.

DIY above ground pool

2. Decide on a location for your pool

Find a suitable place on your lawn, with no big rocks or trees nearby, where you will be able to dig out all the soil. It is necessary step for installing your above ground pool.

Above ground pools installation

3. Select the dimensions of your pool

Select the dimensions of your DIY above ground pool according to available space and your budget.

4. Level the site

In most cases you will have to use a carpenter’s level for the task of putting in an above ground pool.

How to install above ground pool

5. Prepare the soil

Mark out an area larger than your pool, remove the grass and smooth the soil. Start filling it with construction sand, which can then be leveled with a simple board.

Installing above ground pool

6. Construct the walls of your pool

This part depends entirely on your choice of pool. The simplest way to install an above ground pool is to buy a pool kit with all the necessary parts.

How to install an above ground pool DIY

7. Groundcloth

If you intend to equip your pool with groundcloth, now is the time to unfold it.

How to install above ground pool DIY

8. Support posts

The strength of your assembly depends on the posts. Connect the top rails.

Installing above ground pool DIY

9. Fill your pool with water

Don’t fill your pool right to the top straight away. First of all, add enough water to check that it fills up in different parts at the same rate. This is important for the normal functioning of your pool.


10. Filter system

Now is the time to install the filter hoses. Follow the steps in the instruction manual for your filter system.

Above ground swimming pool filter system

11. Ladder

This is arguable the least troublesome part. You can either install a ladder or perhaps you will choose to build a deck for your pool. You can read my guide on pool decking here.

Here it is. The installation of your above ground pool complete.

Above ground pool ladder installation


Here it is. The installing above ground pool complete.

Above ground fiberglass swimming pools

Fiberglass pools can be built semi or fully above ground. They are significantly less expensive compared to inground concrete pools. Durable and easy to install, what else do you need?

Here is a guide on how to install an above ground pool made of fiberglass

Above ground fiberglass swimming pool

1. Dig the hole
The size and depth is crucial. Use the manufacturer’s dimensions to determine the measurements for your pool. Remember that the hole should be deeper than the measurements you have taken.

2. Fit the pool
This part is all about getting the correct level when setting your fiberglass pool in the ground. Take all the measurements and recheck them.

3. Pool placement
Remove all the pegs and place it in the ground. Level the pool. Check the pool walls for straightness.

4. Concrete the surroundings
This will strengthen the area around the pool so it won’t subside over time, especially if you installing it on a unsteady ground.

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Semi above ground swimming pools

Not all above ground types are capable of being installed semi above ground. If you have decided to build a semi above ground pool you will have to look for a non-corroding and preferably non-rusting construction. A popular choice for a semi above ground pool is one made from aluminum. They have all the desired qualities and can withstand the soil pressure on the sidewalls. Another option can be a pool with steel walls and components made of resin. Always check what exact material you are going to buy!

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Above ground swimming pool heaters

With the help of an above ground pool heater, the temperature of your water will be as on a summer’s afternoon all year round, even on a cold autumn night or a snowy winter day. Pool heaters are very energy efficient, because they can be installed in conjunction with solar panels.

Pool heaters can extend your swimming season by months if you live in colder regions, and can even make your swimming season endless. The main feature of pool heaters is that they can heat almost any pool in minutes, so you can swim with your kids without long delays.

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