How to replace your inground pool liner DIY

Ned Kampmann

Inground pool liner are typically 20 mils (1 mil = 0.001 inch) thick. However, they are remarkably durable and built to last for 15 years. You know it’s time to replace your liner, if you notice it looks worn and start leaking. You can call a pool installer to come and replace your liner for you. If you are looking to save money, you can try to replace the liner yourself. Does this spark an idea?

Inground pool liner replacement easy way

What you will need

  • Knife
  • Cardboard
  • Clips for papers
  • Garden hose

How to do inground pool liner replacement

  1. Inground pool liner replacement DIYDrain your pool completely. Use the knife to cut off the old liner and remove it from the walls of the pool. It’s a good time to remove the rust from the walls of the pool, retape any wall joints and replace old, filthy sand under the pool with new sand.
  2. Open new liner and carefully drape it on the walls of the pool. Make sure that the seam is in the center of the liner is located in the center of the pool. Lower edge should be about 12 inches lower than the top of the walls of the pool all around the pool.
  3. Fold 3-inch × 3 inch section of cardboard in half, then again open it. Place center of folded cardboard on the liner, on the underside of the top rail. Clip two binder clip to the center of the folded cardboard to hold the liner in place. Repeat this process around the rest of the sleeve, about every foot.How to replace your inground pool liner
  4. Begin slowly filling the pool. Watch for any areas of the liner becomes super tight. If this happens, release the clamps in this area and allow the liner to sink slowly in the pool a little, while density is not released. Replace clips.
  5. Continue to work your way around the pool, as it slowly fills. Immediately smooth out any wrinkles that appear. Loosen the clamps and slowly feed the liner in the pool. This is done to achieve proper suction liner to the walls. Do not attempt to move the liner when it will be covered over four inches of water; This may cause damage.
  6. Inground pool liner replacement DIYStop filling the pool when the water level reached about 6 feet in depth. Hit a liner from three sections of the wall. Remove the top caps, top rails and stabilizer rails to cope with this wall section.
  7. Fold the top edge of the liner down to about five inches. Fold this section in half and put it on three walls of the pool. Press the handle back on the wall, over the liner. Put the rear stabilizer rail over to cope. Install the upper rails and top cover. Go down to the pool to work on the following three sections of the wall. Repeat this process until the liner is attached around the pool.
  8. Install the skimmer plate. You will need to trim the liner with a knife to fit the opening. Finish filling your pool.


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