How to replace a pool light DIY: 7 easy steps

Ned Kampmann

Swimming pool lighting makes the pool edge visible at night, which not only prevents you from accidently falling in, but also provides a great esthetic function. If you simply need to replace a broken pool light, or you want to upgrade to an LED color-changing system, you can save money by not calling a pool repair service and performing all the necessary steps by yourself. This article shows you that installing or replacing a swimming pool light by yourself is a simple task and can be done in just a couple of hours.

How to change a pool light

1. Shut off ALL power to the pool lighting via the electrical box. Note that some pool systems have their own electrical breaker, which also needs to be shut off.How to change a pool light

2. Pre-assemble your new light and ensure that it is waterproof by submerging it into the water and checking for bubbling. If it does not bubble, you can proceed further.

How to change a pool light DIY

3. Open the junction box with your pool light switch and pull out the three-conductor electrical cord from the light switch.How to change a pool light guide

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4. The trick is in simply using a long enough rope. Tie or duct tape the rope end to the end of the electric cord. Ensure that your construction can pass through the conduit tube running from the junction box to the pool.

5. Remove your old light by unscrewing the pilot screw, usually located on top of the lighting unit.

6. Start slowly pulling the lighting unit out with its electric cord. If you’ve performed the previous steps correctly, you should see that rope starts to appear in the conduit tube.

7. Pull the electric cord out completely until you see the rope coming out. The rope should be pulled through the conduit tube. One end of the rope should be clearly seen in the junction box and the other end should be coming out of the niche in the pool.

How to install a pool light

1. Find the end of three-conductor electric cord in your new lighting unit. Cut the rope off your old lighting unit and perform the same operation with it, tie it up or use a duct tape. using duct tape.

2. Repeat the process described in instruction 4 for ‘How to change a pool light’. Do not forget to remove the rope from the cord.

3. . For convenient maintenance in the long term, leave the excess cord long enough so you can pull it out onto the deck. Do not forget to cut off any excess after connecting the switch to the junction box.
4. Wiring. The golden rule here is to connect the wires according to their colors. Connect the green grounding wire (occasionally bare copper) to the green grounding wire from your new lighting unit. Align the supply wire (black) with the black wire from your lighting unit, and the neutral supply wire (white) to the white wire from the light. Put the cover back on the junction box, or simply close it.
5. Test that everything is working by turning the electrical breaker on. Switch your new light on and off a few times to ascertain whether it is working. Do not leave your pool light on for more than just a few seconds. Pool lights are designed to be surrounded by water, which plays a vital coolant role. LED pool lights tend to overheat more than other types.Pool lighting colors

6. Wind the excess cord around your new lighting unit or fit it somehow behind the lighting unit. Place your new lighting unit back in the niche and screw it in. And that’s it!

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