How to install a homemade solar pool heater DIY

Ned Kampmann

Solar power and the benefits of using the sun to power are becoming increasingly popular to homeowners everywhere. One of the more uncommon ways to use solar energy is to heat your inground swimming pool. Eco-friendly and a great way to minimize your carbon footprint, using solar power to keep your pool water warm is a secret that many pool owners are using to their advantage. Before you consider using solar panels to warm your swimming pool, you should think about the many factors of solar energy.Solar pool heater diy installation

When you are thinking about utilizing solar power to supplant your swimming pool heating system, make sure you have enough space to accommodate the panels first. Unlike traditional gas powered heating systems, you will need to keep your water pump running to properly heat the water in your pool. If these concerns are matters you have already considered, you may be surprised at how easy and beneficial installing solar panels can be for your pool.

Solar Energy Advantages

Using solar panels to keep your swimming pool warm may be a less popular method of using solar energy, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still very effective. Solar power is a free effective means to convert the sun’s rays to positive energy that you can use in your home. While the initial cost and investment of solar panels may seem counter-intuitive at first, it’s only a matter of time before the solar system pay for themselves. To shrink the expenses, you could even DIY solar heater. The only necessary part you couldn’t build by yourself, is a solar panel itself.

How to install solar panels to heat a pool

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The pool solar heater install may not be an easy undertaking, but with the proper planning you can utilize the sun to keep your swimming water pleasant and warm. There is almost no conceptual difference between above ground pool solar heater and inground pool solar heater – the only difference is a piping and its arrangement.

DIY solar pool heater installation

Here is the few steps on solar pool heater system mounting:

  • To integrate solar panels into your inground swimming pool, you will need a 3 way valve installed from your pump to your panels. These valves can be Homemade solar pool heateradjusted to route water to your solar panels in a regulated manner. Before installing your 3 way valve, you’ve got to install a proper tee fitting into your feed or return pipe. This tee allows your valve to operate and route pool water to your panels and back.
  • If you live in a cold weather area, it’s always a good idea to use a 3 way valve that can be opened to drain your system during the winter months. Installing a drain in your piping at the lowest point of your solar panel pool system is vital if you want to prevent freezing. If your solar panel swimming pool system lacks the right drainage system, plan on using pressurized air to keep water moving. This is one of the first steps to learning how to build a solar water heater for a swimming pool.
  • DIY solar heater installationWhen installing your solar panel piping, use the same size piping to and from your 3 way valve to ensure even flow and even distribution. If you are using panels mounted on the roof, you need a strength rated union fitting that’s capable of handling the load. Even for ground mounted solar panels, the right union fittings make maintenance much easier.
  • Mounting your solar panels are the biggest challenge when it comes to your pool solar heater install. After your panels are properly mounted, you should consider using rigid piping to keep your pool an yard clean.
  • Once you have the piping routed around your panels correctly, the next step is to install the right solar controller system. Many of these units are computerized and can be vary in features and design. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, many of these units can include temperature probes and variation valves to make maintenance of your swimming pool a breeze. Because this is the “brains’ of your pool solar heater install, make sure you get a turnkey solution that controls everything in one package.

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