How to lose weight in a pool

Ned Kampmann

Losing weight and slimming down for the summer are popular desires for almost everyone. Diet fads and specialized diets can help you in the short term, but many fitness experts will point to sustained activity and exercise as the proper way to lose weight and keep it off. People often struggle with the constant nature of diet fads, and keeping the weight off through a low impact exercise.
Swimming pool owners who haven’t discovered water based exercises as a superior means of fitness don’t know what they are missing out on! Working out in your swimming pool is a fun way to burn fat and slim your waistline, a fact recognized by doctors and physicians everywhere. In fact many doctors promote water fitness or exercises to improve joint flexibility, or recover from injuries or surgery.

swimming pool exercises to lose weight

The resistance found in water provides a very basic way to avoid impact and challenge your muscles to respond. Because you are activating muscles and burning calories, having fun in your swimming pool through organized or structured exercises can really unlock your body’s fat burning potential.

If you don’t own a swimming pool, heading to your local gym or community swimming pool can get you moving. Many communities have organized activities built around swimming pool exercises to help deal with symptoms for arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Swimming pool exercises to lose weight

Activity must be sustained for periods over 20 minutes of heightened heart rate to burn fat and lose weight. One of the best exercises for this in your swimming pool is known as the wall paddle. If you have ever seen a swimming course or lesson, you know what this interesting swimming pool exercise entails.

What is it – The wall paddle is an activity that most children engage in when their parents want them to practice paddling with their legs. Not overly difficult and easy to do unless you are swimming in an above ground swimming pool, the wall paddle can be sustained for long periods of time

How to do it – Grab the edge of the swimming pool and raise the back of your legs perpendicular to the surface of the water. Kick and paddle using the surface of the water to present more resistance and continue to paddle until you feel your heart rate rise.fat burning pool exercises

Fat Burning Pool Exercises

When it comes to burning fat you must remember that moderation is vital to your success. When you are working out in your swimming pool, keep your effort even and remember that you are aiming for an elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time. When you want to burn fat and slim down by using your swimming pool to engage in low impact exercises, remember that heart rate and effort is key, which is why we are looking at the pool plank.

What is it – One of the most proven core strengthening pool exercises known, the pool plank requires a swimming pool noodle or similar floatation device to help you.

How to do it – Standing up in your swimming pool, tuck your pool noodle under your arms and buoy yourself. Now while standing with the noodle under your arms pull the floatation device from under your arms and push down to the bottom of your water. Do not submerge your head but instead keep your face up to improve your upper body strength, strengthen your core and challenge your fitness level.

Swimming pool exercises for weight loss

Weight loss can come from your direct exercise in your swimming pool, or indirectly through the building of your core and muscles involved in your core. Because you are improving your core and increasing muscle mass, your body will be burning calories even when you don’t work out. Cardio Count is a fun way to burn fat in your swimming pool, and here’s how you can do this exercise.
What is it – Cardio count can be done using a stopwatch or timer, although it’s not needed if you are having fun. This is a new form of jogging that can help transform your body and slim down your waistline.

swimming pool exercises for weight lose

How to do it – Form is important here, so many sure that you keep and maintain the proper body balance and alignment. Make sure your back and head as well as your arms are in a straight line, and keep yourself upright to get your heartrate up. Remember that consistent effort and prolonged activity leads to your body burning your fat and increasing your metabolism.
Use any number of these exercises in your swimming pool to lose weight and keep it off. Remember that diet fads and pills can lead to you putting the weight back on, instead of the honest method of increasing muscle mass and improving your core.

fat burning water aerobic exercises

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