Pool remodeling and renovation ideas

Ned Kampmann

Your backyard is not impressive enough? Why not to think about pool renovations then? It is not necessary to do expensive facelift. A slight touch of new design or just a few elements is enough to bring your pool back to life. Here are some pool renovation ideas to create your own oasis.

1. New Shape

For those of you who are of adventurous type, it can be useful to bring complete changes in. Pool remodeling like this is an ambitious but possible task. You can extend ends of your pool to make longer swim lane or create curves to rest with a glass of juice in the morning. There some typical shapes which you can create.

01 - Pool Shape

2. Aboveground Renovations

When you get to pool remodeling it is a good idea to think about change your pool surroundings. How about an inground one? It will be good for those who have slopes in the backyard. However, be sure to check whether your pool is suitable to touch the earth.

02 - Sunken Pool

You can also improve your pool and make it more functional as well by adding a deck around. Be creative and try to improvise with materials and styles.

03 - Decked Pool

If you want to feel at one with nature, it would be a good idea to use rocks, bushes and perennials to mask pool walls. Thus you will feel in a secluded place.

04 - Landscaped Pool
Pool remodeling ideas are numerous. You can try some of the mentioned tips to outline your pool or use your imagination and create your own unique oasis.

3. Lightning

Having any type of lightning in your pool gives you an opportunity to modify it with LED lights. This is very economical type of pool renovations since this type of lightning is energy efficient and simple to install. You can choose different colours and create any atmosphere you want.

05 - Pool Lights LED

4. Resurfacing

Hardly can pool remodeling do without changing surface. You can use stone, wood, stampcrete and whole lot of other materials. Tile and glass of different colours will give you interesting reflections.

07 - Pool Tile

5. Technological improvements

Among many pool renovation ideas you can find tools to make your pool more technological as well as safe and economical. Energy efficient pumps for example will help you to save your budget. Installation of filters and cleaners will make the water crystal clean while pool safety cover and safety fences are going to minimize risk of being injured. You can browse for much more tools to upgrade your pool since offers are quite wide today.

06 - Pool Tools

6. Water upgrade

Many pool remodeling ideas are tested by users. One of them is salt water system which makes very quality of water better. According to most reviews such water is safer for skin and eyes. Besides, pools with salt water are much cheaper to maintain.

7. Features

Fantasy is a key to pool uniqueness. Among most popular ideas is adding all types of fountains and water falls. They look pretty nice and create natural atmosphere.
08 - Pool Fountain
How about having a barbeque near you swimming pool? There are many types of kitchens and grills which will be helpful for you.
09 - Pool Kitchen
And for the most passionate of you there is an ability to add fire. You can order small torches or huge fire bowls.
10 - Pool Fire
No doubt, pool renovation ideas are not limited and you can always use your experience and fantasy to create oasis of your dream. However, we have tried to offer you most popular and beautiful features which may well inspire you.

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