How to remove algae from pool: the best pool algae killers

Ned Kampmann

If you have a swimming party planned or have simply allowed your swimming pool maintenance to lapse, there are quite a few methods for getting rid of pool algae fast. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need expensive chemicals to clean algae, as you can use homemade algaecide for pools instead.

Some of these homemade algaecides can be used to specifically remove the different types of algae that can be in your pool. If your water is green and you need a fast method of pool algae removal, the following guide will run through some of the most common types of algae and show you how to remove them.

This article will help you to answer the question of how to get rid of algae, the different types that can be present and the methods for eliminating each one.

pool algae removal

The reasons of algae in pool

Sunlight and untreated water can combine to produce algae in your pool, a basic organism that can be colored green, yellow, brown or black. This is an unpleasant and dangerous bacteria that you don’t want floating around in your pool. Without the proper filtration and cleaning, your pool can gather algae deposits and discolor.

Pool shock tablets and powder can be a fast way to kill pool algae and restore your swimming water to the color you want it. Once you’ve cleaned the water properly, make sure that you utilize the right sized water pump to keep water moving in your swimming pool.

How to clean algae from pool DIY

One of the most common homemade algaecides for pools is common household bleach. Using this liquid cleaner instead of chlorine is a quick way to clean your above ground swimming pool. The active element of sodium hypochlorite is found in both bleach and pool shock, although you may need to use much more bleach than you would chlorine.

That’s how to clean algae from pool.

Ensure that you check the water balance to make certain that it is safe to swim in your pool. You can also use a combination of household products to kill swimming pool algae.

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How to get rid of yellow pool algae

Yellow algae or mustard colored algae is commonly found clinging to the walls of swimming pools. This kind of algae can often be confused or mistaken for sand or dirt on the bottom of your swimming pool.

This can be a difficult algae to kill, largely because regular sanitizers can have a hard time at such low levels or ppm. Using a brush or cleaner can help scrub away mustard algae which will help the sanitizers to do their job.

How to remove black algae from pool

Commonly found in spots or sections of your swimming pool floor or walls, black pool algae is one of the hardest ones to get rid of. Black algae is one of the biggest reasons why people are always looking for how to get rid of stubborn pool algae.


As with mustard algae, the use of a pool brush and maintaining the correct water balance and level of sanitation can do the job. This algae can return in sections if you don’t use the right cleaner, and one of the best household agents to use is baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate is the active element here and it’s perfect for smaller above ground pools as well, because it’s not corrosive to the vinyl walls. As always, check that the water balance is correct before swimming in your above ground or inground swimming pool.

How to get rid of white algae from pool

White algae often floats in sections and can be very hard to spot because of its coloration. One of the best pool algae removal products that you can find in your home is borax, which can be applied in small doses.

How to get rid of brown pool algae

Brown pool algae is another form of mustard algae, and is also very difficult to remove, due to its natural resistance to chlorine. It can often be found at the bottom of your pool or furthest from your pool pickup or piping.

how to get rid of pool algae fast


Lack of water flow encourages this type of algae growth, and if you find that this is a commonly recurring problem, you may need to take further measures. Once the treatment has killed your pesky algae, use a pool vacuum to remove it and make your swimming pool sparkling clean once again.

There are a lot of methods of how to remove algae from your pool. These are just some of the many household algaecides you can use to clean your pool fast. If time is of the essence and you can’t get your hands on the required pool shock to handle your algae killing needs, use this guide to learn how to use algaecides in pools for fast results.

Don’t forget that proper maintenance goes a long way in preventing algae growth in your swimming pool. Once you’ve cleaned your pool, maintain your pool by keeping a strict maintenance schedule.

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