How to remove scale from pool tiles

Ned Kampmann

There’s nothing better than a summer day spent enjoying your backyard swimming pool. Keeping your swimming pool water clear is difficult enough, and can be a source of pride if you manage. Unfortunately without the right steps to prevent water line scale, it can build up over time and ruin your swimming experience.

Scale can be an unsightly blight on your beautiful pool tiles that can build up and damage your swimming pool equipment. There are several reasons why this can happen, ranging from poor pool circulation to excessive pH levels, but no matter what the cause, water line scale is public enemy number one for many pool owners. Once this scale has developed in your swimming pool, removing it can be very difficult if you don’t know the right procedures. If you leave this scale untreated it can create pits or problems along the surface of your swimming pool surface, which can only be removed by having it entirely resurfaced.

Get rid of scale buildup in pool

This can be a huge problem especially for people who have invested a lot in their inground swimming pool. Here are a few pointers on how to prevent and treat your swimming pool scale, especially when the summer months are just around the corner.

What causes scale buildup in pools

Calcium buildup is another term for swimming pool scale, and it can become a problem when you fail to maintain the correct water balance. When your swimming pool water is out of balance or there’s an excessive pH level, calcium deposits can form along your water line.

Preventing scale build up in pools

If you want to keep your swimming pool looking its best, check the water balance frequently to prevent scale. A level of calcium hardness over 1000 ppm is a definite warning sign, and a pH over 7.8 can certainly contribute to the problem. When you are checking your swimming pool water balance, a high alkalinity reading of over 120 can also lead to scale forming along your swimming pool water line.

Scale build up in pools

How to remove calcium build up in swimming pool

If you need to remove calcium deposits from your pool, there are several treatments that can get the job done. There are many easily obtainable calcium removers that can be used for both chlorinated and non-chlorinated pools.

Remove scale from pool tile

Apply the chemical cleaner to the scale deposits on your swimming pool, and allow it to soak to make your job easier. Then use a wire scrubber or nylon brush to scrub the calcium deposits from the tiles in your swimming pool. Especially tough scale can be removed using a razor blade. When you are removing your pool scale, make sure to remove the deposits and particles of calcium before they dissipate into the water. Keeping the scale from contaminating other parts of your swimming pool and pool water is key to successfully removing your scale and keeping your swimming pool in excellent condition.

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