How to repair noisy pool pump DIY

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Pool pumps are a key factor in your swimming pool maintenance, no matter whether you own an above ground or an inground unit. Swimming pool pumps are responsible for the circulation of pool water through your filter. Because it’s a major component in your swimming pool cleaning system, it’s imperative you keep your pool pump in good condition and running optimally. Failure to do so can increase the cost of your electric bill, rapidly clog your pool filter and lead to dirty swimming pool water.

Noisy pool pump troubleshooting

Your swimming pool pump motor will usually make some sort of noise during normal operation, but it’s usually not excessively loud or annoying. When the noise does become louder and continues to grow, it’s a sign that your pump is coming to the end of its life. Swimming pool pump noise can eventually become so loud that it’s impossible to ignore and it becomes impossible for you to use it.

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Why your pool pump is making noise

If your pump is making more noise than usual, it’s a clear indication that your pump is beginning to fail. The initial signs of a failing pump are typically a pool pump making a humming noise or sometimes excess vibration. If you fail to rectify the problem, these issues will only get progressively worse.

How to fix a noisy pool pump

There are a variety of reasons as to why your pool pump might fail, from clogging, dirty pool pump motor brushes or a failing pump motor. Because the internals of your swimming pool pump may be compromised, this causes noisy operation. Typically this kind of noise can range from grinding to screeching, and can even become a loud screaming sound.

How to fix noisy pool pump

Usually swimming pool pumps aren’t meant to be serviced or taken apart, but there are things you can do to make sure you are doing what you can. Here are some of the steps you can take to fix your noisy swimming pool pump.


Adjust the base of your swimming pool pump

When you see your pump wobbling or making noise from excessive vibration, it’s a sign of runout or that your pool pump motor has become misaligned. Try to tighten down your pump and secure it to prevent this kind of movement and noise.

Check your skimmer baskets

Large debris or floating objects can cause blockages which lead to dry conditions in your water pump. This can cause your pump to run hot or lead to premature swimming pool pump failure. Check your skimmer baskets and make sure that there’s nothing blocking the entryway of your swimming pool pump.

Clean pump internals

Because your swimming pool pump is basically an impeller driven motor, you can save your swimming pool pump by cleaning the interior. Always disconnect the power to your swimming pool pump before opening it and attempting to service anything.

Remove the strainer basket and filter from your water pump, and then use a wire coat hanger or similar thin metal pin to try and clear out the inlet and outlet ports.

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Swimming pool pump noise

If your attempts to clean or fix your swimming pool pump fail, seek out professional assistance or replace your swimming pool pump to restore proper operation.

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