Small indoor swimming pool design ideas

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It’s great to have a house with a private pool, as swimming is not just an enjoyable pastime, but also a very useful form of exercise. But just want to warn you – if you decide to go ahead and build your own swimming pool, it’s essential to work with engineers and architects, because only they can advise you how to construct it without causing damage to the structure of your home and how to provide your pool with the necessary microclimate. Before you even think about this, you should decide where you want to see your small pool: indoors or an outdoor version in the fresh air? Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but it should be noted that the majority still have them outside of their homes, for example, in the backyard. However, for those who live in the house all year round, it is probably still more convenient to have the pool indoors.

Swimming pool designs

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Small indoor pool types

In modern times, most people can afford to construct or purchase a pool. A home pool will give you a boost of energy and bring you a lot of pleasant emotions. A private home with a pool is an excellent wellness complex for the whole family.

Today there are different swimming pool designs:

  • inflatable swimming pools;
  • frame pools;
  • capital pools.

Capital pools will be discussed in this article. You can now build capital pools outside and indoors. Construction rules are basically the same but there are some slight differences.

Before you build a pool, you should choose such a depth, which will be suitable for all family members. The optimum depth is of up to 4 feet. If you like to dive off the side, the depth of the pool needs to be increased to 8 ft. There should be a smooth transition from the shallow to the deep end of the pool.


If the pool is in the building

The most suitable locations for building a pool in your house are the first floor or the basement. Situating your pool on the upper floors is strictly prohibited, because the consequences can be very undesirable. The best compromise is a tub or a small sauna on the top floor.

If you have to choose the basement, you have to remember about engineering facets, such as ventilation. Nevertheless, a pool inside the house is much easier to take care of and yes, you can use it all year round, regardless of the weather, which is also an advantage.

Pool design

Choosing shape and size of indoor pool

The shape and size of the pool depends on your financial capabilities and your imagination.

If you want to build a swimming pool outside, you should take special care when choosing the site as leaves, grass and dust will cause you extra trouble.

It is necessary to think about how you will protect your pool from dust and rain, which will allow you to extend the swimming season. Also you should cover the water surface with a heat-insulating coating. This applies not only to outdoor pools, but also to indoor ones. This coating will help maintain the water temperature and reduce evaporation, while at the same time also serving as great protection from external contaminants. You can also purchase a mechanized cover. With the click of a button, a louvered coating will appear from the bottom of the pool, covering the water surface.

Pool design ideas


Maintenance: water purification

A key question for those who have a pool at home concerns water purification.

When constructing your pool, you will need to purchase equipment for the purification of water as it becomes dirty very quickly.

In addition to water treatment with special equipment, it is necessary to add to the water chemical products that regulate the color and turbidity of the water, disinfect it, prevent the appearance of algae and regulate the acidity. The most common types are compounds of bromine, chlorine and active oxygen.

Today it is very common to purify the water in a pool by the ozonation of water. For home pools the method of fully automated complex ozonation, is recommended, as great skill is required to perform the process manually.

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However, these are not all the methods of cleaning your pool. It is periodically necessary to clean accumulated dirt off the bottom of the pool. For this task, there are different devices – manual brushes, special vacuum cleaners and robotic machines.


Water heating, draining and ventilation of the pool

Even a small indoor pool requires a lot of energy and especially large amounts of heat are needed when initially heating the water to the required temperature. Since heat constantly escapes from the water through the walls and bottom of the pool, it must be constantly warmed. Special electric heaters are used for this purpose.

Indoor swimming pool ideas

Indoor pool design ideas

First of all, it is advisable to include such an installation as a pool in the design of the whole house, even in its initial stages. If the idea of having a pool comes to you later, you will be faced with a lot of hurdles. These include waterproofing, ventilation, heating, and lighting. But now we’re going to talk about how you can design your indoor swimming pool.

Stick to architecture context

Experts advise keeping the style consistent with the architectural character of the whole house when choosing your pool design. If we talk about the classic version, the pool consist of different straight lines and muted colors. Included in the interior are mosaics and stained glass windows, while columns help to provide the fundament of the project. Fine frescoes adorn the walls, and marble and granite are among the most attractive finishing materials.

Design ideas for indoor swimming pools in an ethnic style conveys the main features of the traditional life of one of the world’s peoples. Here there are truly a great variety of options. You just need to study the characteristic features of a country without making mistakes in the details, and then represent them in parts, colors, shapes and accessories.

Indoor swimming pools

Pool placement is everything

Indoor swimming pools are built not only for swimming but also for the aesthetics of interior design. They can be located in the basement, on the first floor or on the rooftop. Naturally, inside a house, the concrete bowl can be decorated with glass mosaic, PVC or tiles. Here the choice is yours! However, as a rule, most people prefer to build a swimming pool lined with mosaic, although it’s not a cheap material. A much more financially viable option is veneer PVC film. This polymer finishing layer can withstand even cracks in the concrete and is really the only film for a budget pool design.

For indoor pools, another big plus is the lack of maintenance and need to protect your pool in the wintertime. In your house your pool operates all year-round, although roughly once a year you will want to completely empty it to carry out maintenance work. Included in the list of such jobs are the cleaning of the pool walls and floor, checking of equipment, replacing consumables and verification of the filtration system. Water care is also simpler, as the location of the pool in the house is easier, and the chemical agents are added in a sparing quantity, because the water is not affected by outside factors such as blooming. Building your pool inside your house provides economic benefits because the consumption of chemicals is not so great.


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Design solutions for indoor swimming pools

Coatings called liners are most commonly used for lining the bottom and walls of swimming pools. This tape will help solve problems associated with waterproofing in the pool. In comparison with tiled floors, this film is unaffected by seasonal changes in temperature. This design is perfect for outdoor pools.

Interesting pool design

For indoor swimming pools tile is widely used. There are different kinds – glass mosaic, porcelain mosaic and ceramic tile. With such materials, your pool will have a beautiful and unusual look. It is important to remember that a special type of tile must be used for your pool. Do not forget about underwater lighting, thanks to which your pool will come alive and provide you with a lot of positive emotions!


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