Astonishing swimming pool deck ideas

Ned Kampmann

Building a pool deck is no easy feat, but it`s definitely worth the effort! By reading this article you’ll get loads of ideas for your above ground pool deck, as well as all the information you need on the types of pool deck available, for planning your above ground pool deck, and for designing your inground pool deck. There is also a DIY guide. The main purpose of a pool deck is to provide functional space for people to walk and sunbathe, but there is no reason why your pool deck cannot look just fantastic! Firstly, you should decide what type of pool deck you desire, consider all the pros and cons according to your situation and only then start thinking about the design of your deck.

Pool deck building 

There is no fast method here. If you are going to do-it-yourself, you will have to use a large amount of materials, preferably professional tools to speed up the process of construction, and of course some workforce.

The main steps in building a pool deck are:

1. Installing the support posts
2. Building the frame
3. Installing the decking
4. Installing the railings

A detailed video review on pool deck building

Pool deck types

1. Wooden Decks
are without doubt the most popular among pool deck owners around the world, which is not surprising when you consider that a wooden pool deck can be built to any shape and size: the only limit is your imagination.

swimming pool decks

2. Aluminum Decks
are commonly sold together with above ground pools, which means that they are designed specifically for use with limited pool models. Nevertheless, aluminum decks are easy to install, they tolerate cold temperatures well and their carpet flooring is just very comfortable for your feet.

above ground pool decking

3. Resin Prefab Decks
are chosen for the fact that they don’t deteriorate during cold weather and are considered a possible alternative to aluminum decks. Resin decks come in different colors and can be given a more interesting shape. If you contact a manufacturer, you can be offered a specific design according to your needs.

swimming pool decks

4. Stone Decks
are the most expensive option, but who thinks about money if you own a stone castle?

5. Composite style Decks
are in my view the best choice. Composite style decks can meet the needs and requirements of any pool owner. Do you want the above deck made out of wood and all the area surrounding the pool made out of stone? This is your choice.

pool with deck

Above ground pool deck ideas

I`ve been around pools my whole life and, let`s be honest, for 98% of them the above ground pool deck is made out of wood. It’s the most convenient material to work with, easy to use and reliable. And as I mentioned earlier, the only limit to a wooden pool deck is your imagination. To back this up, just look at these awesome above ground swimming pools and their decks!

Inground swimming pool deck ideas

In contrast to above ground pool decks, inground pool decks are most often made out of various types of stone, or perhaps concrete. However, at the same time wood is commonly used everywhere, so inground pool decks made from wood are by no means rare. The size, shape and orientation entirely depend on you and with creative landscaping you can bring these masterpieces to life.


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