Swimming pool filter cleaning DIY

Ned Kampmann

Every pool owner knows that filter system is a key element in keeping your pool water clean and sparkling. To ensure that, you need to periodically clean your filters. This article will provide detailed cleaning pool filter instructions.

How to сlean a cartridge type swimming pool filter

In this part of article you will find out how to clean pool filter.

Preparations for pool filter cleaning

1. Buy quality filters

This method shows you the way of pool filter cleaning cartridge types filters only with good internal media.

How to clean pool filter

2. Let filter system operate as usual

When filter becomes dirty, get it out of filter system assembly.

How to clean pool filter: preparations

Swimming pool cartridge filter cleaning solutions

1. Wash out any foreign particles with a garden hose.

Pool filter cleaning instructions

2. Dry filter in direct sunlight, which can help you by killing grown algae.

How to clean pool filter DIY

3. This step is optional. Blow any particles left from filter’s fabric with an air compressor.

Pool filter cleaning DIY

4. Try cleaning as many filters at the same time as you can. You will need a lot of chlorinator, so you can save money on chemicals involved in a process.

Cleaning swimming pool filter grids

5. Buy a simple pail with cover. Then mix 1 part of chlorine to 6 parts of water. Place your filter into the solution and do not forget to place a cover on the pail.

Cleaning pool filter

6. Let your filter soak for at least 1 day, 4 days are much better in my view. Give it time, so there will be no survived microorganisms or any organic matter.

Cleaning pool filter step 2

7. Get out your filter and submerge it into a pail with clean water. Repeat the process until any organic matter is washed out.

Cleaning pool filter step 3

8. Completely dry your filter under direct sunlight. Any left particles should be cleaned manually with a brush.

Pool filter cleaning advices

9. For economy, do not forget to place a cover on a pail. This won’t allow chemicals to evaporate and on the next filter clearing, you won’t have to do it again.

Pool filter cleaning DIY

10. Dissolving minerals

Minerals are stopped by the filter media and that slows the water flow through your filter. Try mixing a solution of muriatic acid and water to solve the problem. The proportion is 1 part acid to 10 parts of water.

Swimming pool cartridge filter cleaning solutions

11. Submerge your filter into acid solution until bubbles quit rising. Bubbling means that that acid is in reaction with minerals, so just wait until it stops.

Pool cartridge filter cleaning solutions

12. When you finish using either acid or chlorine, seal the containers, so you can reuse them next time.

DIY pool filter cleaning

13. Wash out any left acid from your filter properly. Let it dry again and that`s it.

Pool filter cleaning instructions

14. Now your cartridge filter is clean and can be used again.

Your swimming pool filter cleaning

How to clean a swimming pool sand filter

Any pool filter filtration system should be maintained. You are lucky if you own a sand pool filter system due to its easiness in maintaining. You just have to change sand in it every 3-4 years, so your sand filter remains effective. Swimming pool sand filter cleaning instructions are:

Your first step here is to remove the old sand. Best way of doing it is to rent a shop vacuum. Anyway you can do it manually, but that is risky. The old sand can be full of bacteria so try minimizing contact with it.

How to clean a swimming pool sand filter

When you’ve done vacuuming, add some water to the sand filter tank. This step is highly optional, but I recommend you not to skip it due to the fact that falling sand can damage internal assembly of the filter.

Purchase only! a silica sand between 40-50 mm in diameter. It specially designed for sand filters and can be bought in any pool store. By failing at this step you certainly will ruin your filter and even can damage your pool.

How to clean a swimming pool sand filter DIY

Calculate the amount of sand you need. It depends on the size of your pool filter system. And the size of your pool filter system depends on the size of your pool. So check either instruction for your sand filter or consult a professional.

Always tape up the opening of a sandpipe located in your sand filter, before you start filling it with new sand. Try fixating it right in the center, when you`ve done filling you will be unable to move the sandpipe and you`ll have to start over.

When done replacing sand, do not forget to put filter cap back on. Do not overtighten it, your sand filter tank won’t function properly without it.

The last step is to backwash your sand filter. Fill the pool and backwash for at least 5 minutes before setting to ‘’filter’’.

How to clean a swimming pool sand filter instructions

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