Beautiful pool lighting ideas of design

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No backyard landscape can be complete without a pool, in my humble opinion. You can cool off during a hot day and have some fun during the night. It is very important to illuminate your pool, as people unfamiliar with your home can easily fall in. By installing swimming pool lighting you will provide safety and a guide for your youngsters and pets around the pool. Nowadays an infinite number of lighting designs and landscaping ideas are available, so your pool can be illuminated not only for safety reasons but also to highlight its true beauty.

Light the way to your pool

Best pool lighting ideas
By installing lights on the paths going to a pool or around it, please remember that they should not be placed more than 16 feet apart (this is the maximum distance for the lighting to be effective). After stepping off the path, if you have stairs coming down to your house, don’t forget to add under-stair lights or at least two standing lamps by the railings. If you are faced with the problem of having nowhere to conceal lamps, then try creating the light path with pedestal and tiered lamps. The idea here is to form a line of constant light when decorating your pool with lighting.

Beautiful lighting pool

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Pool landscape lighting

Pool lights ideas
If you have trees or even palms in your backyard, you should highlight them with bright spotlights directed upwards. The same can be said about any big object in your backyard, like an awning or an arbor. Always focus the light in such a way that you don’t blind your guests. The opposite is also possible. By installing downlights with changeable colors and concealing them in large trees, or in any high object, you can easily add a romantic atmosphere for an evening meal with your wife or provide a feeling of safety to your kids. Twinkling LED lights placed around the foliage can give your guests a sense of mystery.

Swimming pool light ideas of design

Above ground pool lighting ideas

Swimming pool lighting design
The surface around a pool may be slippery, and to provide good visibility it is important to use more powerful lighting closer to the pool edge. The best way to accomplish this is to mount lights into the deck all around your pool, at the same level as your deck is, eliminating any risk of tripping. Another great lighting idea is to use gas torches close to your pool. The fluttering flames will reflect in the water, creating a charming flame dance. Ordinary torches are valuable in pool landscape lighting too, especially if you are hosting a themed party.


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Inground swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting ideas
Pool building companies often install just one light in the deepest part of a pool, which is arguably better than nothing. However, if you don’t have any built-in lights in your pool or in the deck around it to highlight the pool area, you can get the desired effect with waterproof LED rope lights. Just attach them to the inside lip of your pool or around the pool’s edge, whatever suits your pool best. LED lights last for a very long period of time and the variety of pool lighting colors can satisfy any needs. Another awesome idea is to create a mysterious scene in a pool by using waterproof floating LED lamps. They come in a wide variety of different shapes, from lotus blossoms to a jellyfish.

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