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Most pool owners are used to considering their swimming pools as a place for relaxation or a place for children to play during the summer, or indeed as anything but a strong aesthetic element of an overall design. If you are eager to build your own pool, you should definitely consider pre-planning the design. Just remember, you can do it all by yourself without a professional team. It is only a question of persistence. Since ancient times people have been constructing and building pools, starting with the simplest ones, and constantly developing technologies and design techniques. So nowadays you have all the tools and knowledge you require to build a swimming pool with a fantastic design. This article will help you with planning your pool design, provide some excellent landscaping ideas and give you all the necessary information for you to be able to do it yourself.

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Newest swimming pool designs for 2016

Swimming pools are more popular than ever, having survived the recession and are once again part of our national consciousness. If you are looking to install or build your own swimming pool, some of the latest pool designs can really boost your home’s value. No matter whether you require a low interest loan to complete your project or not, some of the hottest pool design ideas can completely transform your backyard.

Increasing your home’s value is of course not the only thing that a swimming pool can do for your household. Enjoyable during the summer, swimming pools can increase your quality of life and can be the centerpiece of any birthday party or get-together. When planning your pool design, many of the following simple ideas can give you a different insight or way to approach the design of your new swimming pool.

Special tiles

Swimming pool designs have really evolved to include very specialized tiles, some of which are even made of glass. These tempered panels can bring out the beautiful side of your swimming pool, and many new designs opt for glass over the traditional ceramic varieties.

swimming pool designs

Many of today’s glass tiles are tempered, making them significantly stronger than the traditional tile that can crack or even break. Many of these glass tiles are also colored or shaped in a manner that gives you a great way to boost your swimming pool design.

LED lighting

Advancements to Light Emitting Diode strips and waterproof panels have created fantastic new methods of lighting up your swimming pool. LED lighting that’s placed along the lines of your swimming pool floor or along the lip of the pool makes swimming at night a whole new experience.

Pool designs    

Natural landscapes

Swimming pool designs have truly taken on a new life with natural looking landscapes and rocks leading into waterfalls. If you can afford it, making your swimming pool look like a natural pond or waterfall is another new way to design your swimming pool.

Hot Tubs

Jacuzzis or hot tubs are often combined into the swimming pool design and it’s a nice way for you to warm up or get personal after a long dip in your pool. Many of today’s modern hot tubs are constructed from glass or have elevated panels that make them especially comfortable and enjoyable.

Jets and specialized water streams can also be built into the walls of the hot tub, and add tremendous value to your swimming pool design.

Best pool design ideas  

Installing a new swimming pool yourself and want to use some of the more modern and popular designs for your backyard? Use just some of these tips to get you started on the right track, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different tiles, layouts and styles to make the most of your swimming pool design.

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