About us

Ned Kampmann


face4My name is Ned Kampmann and the first thing you have to know about me – I’m a pool enthusiast. I`m 35 years old and I am living with my wife and two beautiful kids in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When I was 8 years old, my father bought an above ground pool for the whole family to enjoy. I was so excited by the time we spent there, that I still remember my first dive into my own pool. Since then it became my hobby for life! I was building all kinds of pools for myself, my friends and neighbors for at least one and a half decade. I just can`t imagine a weekend without splashing into the water at my backyard. Here you can find info on any topic considering pools.

Our site is divided into three main sections – design, build and maintenance.

Design section provides information on both pool design and landscape around it. If you want not just an ordinary pool but a breathtaking masterpiece, that`s your place.

By visiting Build section you can find step-by-step instructions on building either classical concrete pool, modern eco or natural pool. Or just simply to know the difference between them.

In the Maintenance section you can get answers to the questions, connected with pool equipment or the routine, which keeps your pool clean and fresh. Lots of different topics being discussed here – actions you have to perform in order to drain a pool without any special equipment or even what causes your pool to look like a swamp.