Vinyl pool liner installation instructions and video

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Pool liners come in all different kinds of shapes and materials, but one of the most common types is one made from vinyl. These liners are typically constructed of high impact vinyl and plastic composites. Vinyl pool liners play a key role in your swimming pool maintenance, and they give your pool a layer of protection.

Vinyl pool liners feature a bead in the outermost layer, which allows them to fit into the track along the bottom of the pool coping. This liner is placed over a sand, concrete or vermiculite layer and rises up to meet the pool walls, which are usually supported to prevent sagging or bowing. These walls are built up on the panels of your swimming pool and can vary in size and shape, which leads to a variety of vinyl swimming pool liners.

Inground vinyl pool liner installation

Whether you live in a warm or cold climate will dictate whether you need a pool liner, and if you are planning a new inground or above ground swimming pool, use our guide to determine your pool liner needs.

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How to install a pool liner

Whether you have an above ground pool or an inground one, there are several steps for pool liner installation that are universal to the installation of any vinyl pool liner. Pool liners come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s important to determine your needs in advance. While the steps for an above ground pool will clearly differ from those for an inground pool, they will still get essentially the same job done.

1. Remove the vinyl liner and inspect for any defects.
2. Prepare for installation around your coping rail
3. Align the liner and properly secure
4. Add water slowly to test

These are all the necessary steps for installing a pool liner.

How to install a pool liner

How to Install Above Ground Pool Liner

An above ground pool liner is much easier to install, especially if you’ve just set up your pool framework. Once the above ground pool frame is in place, you are ready to install your liner. Installing this kind of pool liner is simple with the help of an expert, and although it can be a little difficult to install your above ground liner yourself, this can nevertheless save you a great deal of money. If you are dealing with a large above ground brand, it’s best to find a liner that’s cut and made specifically for your brand.

How to Install Inground Pool Liner

It can be daunting to install an inground swimming pool liner, but at the same time, with the proper research and measurements, it can be a rewarding project. Before installing your inground pool liner or starting your project, it is essential that you get the measurements right. The measurements must match your liner and should be at least as long as the longest section of your pool.

How to install pool liner

If your inground swimming pool is in a free form style, you must have an X and Y plot using two measures to properly size and cut your vinyl liner. Once you have the measurements ready, the next thing to do is to cut your liner to size and prepare it for installation.

Here are the necessary steps for installing your pool liner.

1. Drain your inground swimming pool
2. Inspect the walls and floor for damage or rust
3. Wash and broom the pool thoroughly
4. Tape the liner to the walls
5. Use a skimmer to eliminate bubbles and excess air from under the liner
6. Carefully add water to your inground swimming pool
7. Install your faceplates and water grates

Once you have installed your liner and cut holes and the housing for your faceplates and gaskets, it’s time to finish filling your inground swimming pool.

Vinyl pool liner installation video

If you need help visualizing the installation of your inground swimming pool, you can use some of the many videos online to see how truly easy it is. When searching for videos, keep in mind that you should specify whether your swimming pool is an above ground unit, or an inground one.

How to Change a Pool Liner

Changing a pool liner can be difficult, especially if you’ve already set your tiles in your inground swimming pool. When you are in doubt or don’t know how to properly service your pool liner, you should always turn to a professional for proper assistance. However, if you have already installed your own inground vinyl pool liner, replacing it shouldn’t present you with any major issues.

How to change a pool liner

1. Drain your swimming pool completely
2. Cut the liner at the bottom of your inground swimming pool
3. Extend these cuts to the top of your track and cut along the base
4. Remove the skimmer faceplates and returns and take off all plastics
5. Remove the swimming pool liner

Once you have the old swimming pool liner out, you can go ahead and begin putting in your new liner.

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