Pool landscaping ideas

Ned Kampmann

You can turn any ordinary swimming pool into architectural pearl just by using clever landscape design. There are numerous variants of pool landscaping ideas but we will try to cover the general principles.

Backyard swimming pool ideas

swimming pool landscaping ideasaward-winning-swimming-pool-design

Use beach stones at your backyard

Beach stones and pebbles are common in nature, so they can bring a natural look even to an ultra-modern overall design. If you are planning on building an eco or natural swimming pool, it is hard to avoid using that material.Beach stones and pebbles are found in a vast arrange of colors, shapes and sizes. This allows you to create different surface textures and patterns.

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backyard swimming pool ideas

And let`s not forget about the fact that they are actual STONES, with their main quality – hardness. You can use them not only as a surface filling, but also as an internal filling for your pool furniture.

backyard swimming pool ideas backyard swimming pool ideas

Landscape lighting – illuminate your backyard

pool landscaping ideas

Most people are satisfied with the basic variant of pool lighting – big lamp at the bottom center of the pool, which allows swimming at night. But not me! You can do much more not only for your pool, but for overall landscape. With a properly designed outdoor lighting, your whole backyard can transform into a wonderland.

pool landscaping ideas

Ways of using pool illumination are numerous. Pool illumination can bring a new look to any pool. If you are going to build a new one, try pre-plan.

pool landscaping ideas

Video-guide for the most lazy pool owners, showing the way of transforming your ordinary pool lamp into a color changing one.

Use of plants in pool landscaping

pool landscaping ideas

People mostly tend to underappreciate the aesthetic value of plants in the landscaping design. I personally love to use potted plants at my backyard. But surely you can do more by using whole planters.

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Potted plants 

swimming pool landscaping ideas
are portably, and that stands for itself. If you have an empty “corner” somewhere at your backyard, try fitting there several pots to create an illusion of plant bed. But be cautious – potted plants tend to vaporize water much faster due to the fact that pot surface is exposed to sunlight and dry air.

swimming pool landscaping ideas

Planters or planting beds

swimming pool landscaping ideas
bring diversity to your overall landscape. They can be hanged on the walls, used to fill free space on your front lawn or backyard. Another great feature of using planters is that they can actually lower the cost of landscape designing due to lowering square footage of the area.

Please remember, there is no golden rule in landscape planning. Be creative and you will achieve great results!

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